We at Freedom Acres Llama have llamas and alpacas, ourselves. When it came to coats for our favorite four-legged friends we wanted a product we could trust...SO WE MADE ONE!

Freedom Acres doesn't fool around. We care about your animals, too, and want to give you the best-made, most durable coats out there that will keep them warm and comfortable in cold weather. Our coats are made to last for years to come.


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About the Coats:

Our llama/alpaca coat is sure to keep your special animal warm during that oh-so-chilly weather. It is double-stitched with strong, heavy duty nylon thread, making it extremely durable and resilient. It is made to last for years to come.

Outer coat is 600 denier which is 100% polyester waterproof fabric and will keep your animal dry and comfortable.

Inner coat is soft, warm, anti-pill polar fleece that feels natural to llamas and alpacas.

Belly flap is adjustable to each animal's size. It has super-strong velcro and is further anchored in place with sturdy water-resistant nylon strapping and easy to open buckles. Belly flap is extra wide and provides comfort while also being easy to close. The soft part of the velcro is on the flap so it won't catch in the animal's fiber.

It is extremely easy to find the size you need, when you need it, because every coat has size and care instructions on the belly flap.

This amazing coat is available in six different sizes for both llamas and alpacas.

NEWBORN LLAMA -- 20" L x 20" W (Flap is 12.5" L x 3" W)

1-3 MONTH LLAMA -- 25" L x 23" W (Flap is 16" L x 4" W)

4-6 MONTH LLAMA -- 29" L x 31" W (Flap is 17" L x 5" W)

WEANLING LLAMA -- 32" L x 37" W (Flap is 23.5" L x 9" W)

ADULT LLAMA -- 36" L x 39" W (Flap is 24" L x 10.5" W)

LARGE ADULT LLAMA -- 42" L x 49" W (Flap is 27" L x 11" W)

NEWBORN ALPACA -- 16" L x 18" W (Flap is 10" L x 3" W)

1-3 MONTH ALPACA -- 18" L x 19" W (Flap is 11" L x 3" W)

4-6 MONTH ALPACA -- 20" L x 20" W (Flap is 12.5" L x 3" W)

WEANLING ALPACA -- 25" L x 23" W (Flap is 16" L x 4" W)

YEARLING ALPACA -- 29" L x 31" W (Flap is 17" L x 5" W)

ADULT ALPACA -- 32" L x 37" W (Flap is 23.5" L x 9" W)

HOW WE TAKE MEASUREMENTS -- Length is measured from top of back behind head to tail. Width is measured from left side of coat to right side of coat. Flap length extends from right side of coat under belly to left side and is adjustable.

Please measure YOUR animal for an accurate fit. For our Return Policy, click HERE.

We try to keep coats for each size in stock so they can be immediately shipped. In the event that your size isn't in stock, please allow 1 week for delivery. VISIT OUR SHOP! VISIT OUR SHOP!

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